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Building Websites for Contractors and offering Expert SEO Services since 1999 is what has made us the Most Trusted Contractor Website Design Company in the industry today!

Affordable Construction Websites & SEO for Contractors

Maybe you have you tried Angie’s List, 1800Contractor, Porch, Houzz, Thumbtack or any other construction job lead provider and it didn’t work out for you, or the leads were too expensive? Why buy your leads when you can have Free Job Leads every day with a Contractor Website? Maybe you’re a general contractor, home designer, architect or engineer, cabinet shop, solar contractor, kitchen remodeling company or an electrician, plumber, painter or roofer and know you need a website but don’t know who to trust or how to get started. A good construction website for contractors with great SEO both on-page and off-page will definitely bring in better quality job leads creating more profits for you and your construction business.


  • Are you tired of trying out all these referral websites for contractors that deliver junk leads?
  • Are you constantly worrying where your next job will come from, or when your phone will ring?
  • Do you wish somehow you could attract higher-paying jobs in nicer areas?


  • Our template websites are custom designed, built and are proven to rank higher and convert users to real jobs.
  • They are packed with all the tools needed to grab the user’s attention and enhance their visitor experience.
  • Each website comes with a secure backend dashboard for you to easily add, change or update your own website if you want. If you prefer, we offer a full website maintenance package and We do all the work for you!

Why Do We Offer Upfront Pricing When Most Other Companies Don’t?

We want to eliminate the tire kickers right away. We are very serious about helping contractors and only want to work with Contractors that want a great website that ranks and delivers jobs. will not try and compete with the cheap website guys out there because their system is not designed around the construction industry and most of the time your site will never rank in the search engines.

Rember…  The Cheap Guy Always Buys Twice!

Basic Subcontractor
Website Package

Great startup website for creating a web presence. You can upgrade anytime.

  • 3 Page Website
  • Only $29. per month hosting
  • Expert on-page SEO included
  • Offer Financing (close more jobs)
  • Free photo gallery (up to 10 images)
  • 1 Free email address
  • 1 Free sidebar "Special Offer" widget
  • Free sidebar "Contact Us" widget
  • Contact Us page
  • Free Google map
  • We build it for you!
  • Professional design & layout
  • Mobile responsive website
  • We do all the on-page SEO for you
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Complete W3C Certified HTML

Pages Included: (home page, about us, contact us). You supply us all your verbiage and photos and we do the rest.

Client is responsible for supplying all their own photos and text. We can supply lots of stock photos for free. We can also supply on-page SEO articles if needed for an additional fee.

Low on cash? - No Problem!
We will finance any website package of your choice.
Just Contact Us and let us know what works for you!

Examples of affordable websites for contractors

Website Package

Geared for a medium-size company that offers more services to clients.

  • Up to 7 Pages Website
  • Only $39. per month hosting
  • Expert on-page SEO included
  • Offer Financing (close more jobs)
  • Free photo gallery (up to 20 images)
  • 1 Free email address
  • 3 Free sidebar "Special Offer" widgets
  • Free sidebar "Contact Us" widget
  • Contact Us page
  • Free Google map
  • We build it for you!
  • Professional design & layout
  • Mobile responsive website
  • We do all the on-page SEO for you
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Complete W3C Certified HTML

Pages Included: (home page, about us, contact us, FAQ, and 3 services pages).

Client is responsible for supplying all their own photos and text. We can supply lots of stock photos for free. We can also supply on-page SEO articles if needed for an additional fee.

Low on cash? - No Problem!
We will finance any website package of your choice.
Just Contact Us and let us know what works for you!

Examples of affordable websites for contractors

General Contractor
Website Package

Perfect for General Contractors, Kitchen Remodelers & Cabinet Shops.

  • We build up to a 20 Page Website
  • You get Unlimited Pages!
  • Expert on-page SEO included
  • Only $59. per month hosting
  • Offer Financing (close more jobs)
  • Free photo gallery (unlimited images)
  • 1 Free email address
  • 10 Free sidebar "Special Offer" widgets
  • Free sidebar "Contact Us" widget
  • Contact Us page
  • Free Google map
  • We build it for you!
  • Professional design & layout
  • Mobile responsive website
  • We do all the on-page SEO for you
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Complete W3C Certified HTML

Pages Included: (home page, about us, contact us, FAQ, services page, and up to 24 more blog or services pages of your choice).

Client is responsible for supplying all their own photos and text. We can supply lots of stock photos for free. We can also supply on-page SEO articles if needed for an additional fee.

Low on cash? - No Problem!
We will finance any website package of your choice.
Just Contact Us and let us know what works for you!

Examples of affordable websites for contractors

Building Websites That Help Our Contractors
Dominate their Local Competition Since 1999

 Any company can build you a website… but they can’t make you stand out above your local competitors. There is so much more to a website than pretty pictures that homeowners and local business owners are looking for. Let us show you a few options we offer as add-ons for your website to close more deals.


Contractors that offer financing to homeowners for remodeling projectsOffer Financing and Close More Jobs!

Now read this carefully | All our websites have a built-in financing option for you to offer your clients. They can get funded in less than 5 days and the cash goes into their account.
(This is FREE to you & FREE for your clients) Kitchen Visualizer for Kitchen Remodeling ContractorsKitchen Vision | Kitchen Visualizer

This is a must-have if you are a cabinet shop or kitchen remodeler. This visualizer allows your clients to see what their kitchen might look like by changing cabinet colors, flooring, paint, doors, countertops and more.  (only $29. month)

examples of websites for contractor |




Looking For a Custom WordPress Website?

Corporate websites for construction companies and general contractors with marketing and SEO Corporate Website Solutions for Contractors that want to Dominate their Local Industry!


Our corporate website package is custom-designed to promote Contractors & Construction companies that would rather invest in their website and company than to pay for advertising for the next 30 years. Organic search engine results (being on the first page of Google) is worth more than any adverting mone can buy. Studies have proven most clients will click on and book contractors they find on the first page of search engines rather than click on the ads.

Example of a Corporate Websites for Contractors

We have the secrets that top contractors want to know! We are experts in the construction field… Find out more on our About Us page.


Corporate websites for Contractors and Construction companies

Looking for a WordPress website but don’t want buy the Coporate Package? Don’t worry, we can build you a 5-10-15 page site or even a one page site. We will work with your budget and make you happy! Give us a call and we will prove it to you! (714) 400-9009

Construction Company Corporate
Website Package

Our corporate website package is designed for Contractors that want maximum exposure.

  • 20 Page Website
  • Work directly with your Website Designer
  • Built on the WordPress CMS platform
  • Expert on-page SEO included
  • Custom design (unlimited changes during build)
  • Includes Financing for clients (close more jobs)
  • Dynamic photo gallery (unlimited images)
  • Includes “Kitchen Vision
  • Custom designed BLOG
  • 1 Free email address
  • Fat Footer (all company info at bottom of page)
  • Free sidebar “Contact Us” widget
  • Contact Us page & Widgets
  • Free Google map
  • We build it | We manage it | We do it all for you!
  • Professional design & layout
  • Mobile responsive website
  • All pages optimized for local SEO and job conversions
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Complete W3C Certified HTML
  • $149. mo. (hosting, maintenance, updates)
  • Full Turnkey Website

1 Hour Per Month of Design included

  • Create a new page for services (if needed)
  • Edit an existing page Meta tags for better SEO results.
  • Add 1-10 new photos to your gallery.
  • Optimize your images for your gallery before uploading for better SEO results.
  • Replace or add slider images.
  • Change company info if needed.
  • Changes to some wording on a page, adding or editing.
  • Change or add Social Media links.
  • Configure Social Media hyper-links to your pages.
  • Change and configure the Contact Us form.
  • Add a new Testimonial.
  • Changing colors.
  • Inserting Google Analytics Code.
  • Modify or add Meta tags (Title, Description or Keywords).
  • Embed a customer provided YouTube Video.
  • Update the Side-bar Widget Boxes & Text.
  • Modify a Featured Content Header.
  • Make some minor changes to the overall look & feel.

Pages Included: (home page, about us, contact us, FAQ, and 16 services pages).

You supply us all your verbiage and photos and we do the rest.

Dominate your local industry!

Want to start with a smaller, more affordable site?

Examples of affordable websites for contractors

Finance Your  Website | Easy Payment Terms

We want to help your company by financing your construction website with terms that will fit your budget. We don’t have any set programs, we work with all contractors on a very personal basis. Getting started is the hardest part, give us a call and we will do all the work so you don’t have to worry.


Ready to Talk?

Still Not Sure? Would You Like A Free Phone Consultation?

Here are some things we will discuss with you about launching your new website and promoting it.

  • How to get ranked for your most profitable keywords?
  • How to build an authority website so that the pages on your site rank!
  • How to build relevant links that will move the needle in the Google search listings.
  • Why having duplicate content on your local city pages could be killing your rankings.
  • What are the most important online directories you should be listed in?
  • Why not to purchase cheap/bad links that will penalize your website and rankings.
  • What are the most important keywords that you should be targeting and why?
  • What are Citations and why do I need them to rank?

FREE Website Audit Report?

Have you ever wondered why your website never gets you any jobs?
We can show you why, and show you how to fix it!

Fill out our short form below and we will send you a 100% FREE Website Audit Report. There is no obligation or credit card needed. We will email you your free website audit report for your review, and if you would like us to discuss with you or learn more about how we can help your company website perform better, let us know!


Proper Title Tags | Meta Description Data | On-page SEO | H1, H2 & all "H" tags | Keywords Used | Keyword Density | Amount of Page Content | Back Links to your Website | Website Security | SSL Enabled | Social Media Connections | Overall Grade of your Website | Suggestions for Improvements

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Money-Back Guarantee!

If we can’t make you 100% satisfied with our web design services in the first 30 days we will gladly refund your web design deposit.*

WE WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED – We take every project seriously. You will work directly with the designer. We want to make sure you are happy with your website and with our contractor website design services.

TURN-KEY WEBSITE SERVICE – We do all the work for you. We design it, build it and we even do all the on-page SEO for FREE to ensure your page ranks the best it can with the search engines.

*Web design is defined as designing the home page, layout, theme, colors, and design. Once approved, we will finish the site.

DIY website builder

You absolutely can have us build you a website and don’t purchase or do any SEO. We do have some clients that only use their site to showcase their work, but don’t really care about website rankings. However, if you are looking to have your website work for you, as in converting visitors to clients, then an aggressive SEO program would be required along with lots of great content.


Don’t worry too much about that. We are great at designing websites for contractors of all types. It doesn’t matter if you are a general contractor, kitchen and bathroom remodeler, plumber, painter, roofing contractor or any other trade. We are construction industry experts and have been doing this since 1999. We will have you fill out a client intake form that will ask basic questions and then we can baby-step the design process. This means first choose and install your logo, choose a layout, then start choosing colors and inserting your supplied content and keep going until you are happy!


Most Contractors feel this way and retain us for this service. Don’t worry as we offer a full website maintenance program and do all the work for you. The reason we offer this service is that we know you may do many jobs every couple of months, and you should be adding these job photos to your portfolio along with adding small amounts of new, fresh content (text) to your website also per month.

How We Build Your Contractor Website!


We will start by asking you to fill out our website questionnaire asking you some basic questions so that we have all your general information and we’ll include questions about your website such as color choices, layout and other options.

Once we have this information the next steps are to database your information to build your foundation and then we’ll be ready for the next step of having a consultation phone call with you to address your design in more depth and items we will need from you.

General Information Form
Image Phone Call

Once we have reviewed all your information your dedicated website designer will give you a call to discuss a few things. You will work (one on one) with your designer to complete your project. A few things discussed might be:

  • Design & layout choices
  • Images needed for the website and photo gallery
  • Type of information you require for the “Contact Us” form



You will discuss with your dedicated website designer the different types of images you should supply for your website and for the photo gallery. 

Images should be of good quality and diversified showing your clients many options for what they are looking for.

If you don’t have any great photos… don’t worry, we can provide you “Royalty-Free” industry images at a low cost.


Image Photo Gallery Images
Video Image

Having a professional spokesperson video on your website grabs clients’ attention and keeps them on your page longer. 

We can help you with this and have several options for you if interested. 

We will write the script for you, let you modify it any way you like, then include any images you want in the video along with showcasing your company logo on or in the video.


This is where it gets fun! Your website designer will start building the website for you, checking in with you during different stages to show you items that have been built. 

At this point, we offer you the chance to make the small changes to tailor it to your liking. 

We take baby-steps in this process so that changes are not overwhelming at the end. We want your website to be exactly what you were expecting.


Website Construction Image
SEO Image

We do all of the on-page SEO for you so you don’t have to. We get your website fully loaded with the right stuff so that Google and other search engines know what your company is about and rank you properly.

Search Engines don’t typically know what your website is about… WE TELL THEM!

You are good at what you do, and learning SEO is very difficult. This is why we do it for you.



We don’t just make your website go live… set it and forget it. We do extensive testing and monitoring for the first 30 days making sure everything is working properly.

The first 30 days of maintenance is part of our job. We want to ensure that you are happy with your new website!

Next step is off-page SEO. This is a mandatory process if you want your site to rank quicker and to try and work your way to the top of the search engines.

Launch Website Image
Off-page SEO Image

This is also known as “OFF-PAGE SEO”. This is a service we offer after your site is all done and if you want to start driving traffic to if a lot faster than normal.

The process of acquiring good quality backlinks to your website is very difficult if you don’t have the time or know what you are doing. We have SEO packages to fit any budget.


Over 200 MILLION Searches a Month for Contractors!
Is your Construction Company Really being found?

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn how we can help you. 
You will speak to a professional. No sales tricks, just website & SEO talk. 

Why do Contractors Need a Website in the
Construction & Home Remodeling Industry?

Advantages You Will Have With A Construction Website Over Your Competitors!

Americans spent more than a Trillion Dollars on Construction, Renovations and Home Remodeling projects last year alone, and this figure is only expected to grow. When homeowners and business owners decide it’s time to remodel a home or office, they turn to the internet looking for contractor websites to find the right contractor for the job. If you don’t have a website for construction companies, you’re bound to be overlooked. Though this is reason enough to start building a contractor website or revamping the one you already have, plenty of other benefits are there for the taking as well.


  • Boosts Visibility: Prospects turn to the internet when they’re looking for contractors, but the search engines ultimately determine which contractor websites are worthy of their attention. If built correctly and used to its full potential, your site helps prove your relevance and authority to Google, so it’ll bring up your company in consumers’ search results. Without a website for contractors, the search engines don’t know you’re there, and neither will all those people looking for your services.
  • Lets You Show off Your Amazing Work: Since you get to choose what appears on your site, it’s the perfect opportunity to let potential clients know what you have to offer and why you’re better than the competition. Provide a general overview on your home page and add more in-depth pages devoted to each service, and you’ve got a well-rounded resume out there for all to see.
  • Speaks to the People: Prospects expect you to have a nice construction website for your company, but not all of them are looking for the same type of information. They fall into different stages of your purchasing funnel and want details specific to their unique immediate needs. From services and “about us” pages to blog posts and contact information, your website allows you to speak to all of them from various angles, giving them what they want and bringing you ever closer to being the company they choose for their projects.
  • Provides Word-of-Mouth Advertising: Despite all the technology and resources available today, or maybe because of them, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as their own friends and relatives. Any company can claim to be the best at what it does, but comments from satisfied customers hold far more power. Websites offer the perfect opening to use this to your advantage by displaying those glowing reviews from satisfied clients.
  • Offers Networking Opportunities: Links are crucial in the online world from the perspective of prospects and search engines alike. Without a site, you have no potential for links to and from other authoritative members of the contracting community and industry. At the same time, your site generates numerous chances to link your directory listings and outside reviews to your site. All these connections enhance your relevance and, by extension, your visibility.
  • Gives You Bragging Rights: Early on in the research phase, consumers learn just how important credentials are when choosing a contractor. Your website allows you to show your contractor’s license numbers and certifications in plain sight where prospects can see them. You can also showcase any awards, accolades, affiliations and other recognition you’ve received for your craftsmanship, work ethics, experience and any other elements that may sway potential clients.
  • Works around the Clock: You obviously have set business hours, but the majority of prospects work during the same timeframe. Although at least 70 percent of consumers search for information outside of typical business hours, your team can’t really be at their disposal 24 hours a day. Fortunately, your site is always readily available to the public no matter when they’re online.

Whether you’re offering expert plumbing services, laying foundations or installing solar electricity on home or for businesses, a construction website is your window to the home remodeling world. It’s where homeowners and business owners gain their first impressions of your construction company, share testimonials once you’ve successfully completed their projects. As a contractor, you know that if you build it, they will come.

Air-Conditioning HVAC Contractor Website Design
Asbestos Abatement Contractor Website Design
Demolition Contractor Website Design
Cabinet Contractor Website Design
Carpentry Contractor Website Design
Ceramic Tile Contractor Website Design
Concrete Contractor Website Design
Construction Company Contractor Website Design
Drywall Contractor Website Design
Paving Contractors Website Design
Electrical Contractor Website Design
Elevator Contractor Website Design
Excavation Work Contractor Website Design
Framing and Rough Carpentry Contractor Websites
Fencing Contractor Website Design
Home Remodeling Contractors

Fire Protection Contractor Website Design
Flooring Contractors Website Design
Manufactured Housing Contractor Website Design
Glazing Contractor Website Design
Hazardous Removal Contractor Website Design
Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor Website
Insulation Contractor Website Design
Landscaping Contractor Website Design
Lathing Contractor Website Design
Security Equipment Contractor Website Design
Low Voltage Wiring Contractor Website Design
Masonry Contractor Website Design
Ornamental Metal Contractor Website Design
Painting Contractor Website Design
Highway Contractors Website Design
Pipeline Contractor Website Design

Plastering and Drywall Contractor Website Design
Plumbing Contractor Website Design
Steel Contractor Website Design
Refrigeration Contractor Website Design
Roofing Contractor Website Design
Sanitation System Contractor Website Design
Sheet Metal Contractor Website Design
Sign Contractor Website Design
Solar Contractor Website Design
Structural Steel Contractor Website Design
Swimming Pool Contractor Website Design
Tile Contractor Website Design
Water Conditioning Contractor Website Design
Well Drilling Contractor Website Design
Welding Contractor Website Design
Demolition Work Contractor Website Design


Kitchen Vision is an add-on to your website. Blow your competitors away with this amazing kitchen visualizer.

Your clients will love it!

Kitchen Vision | Kitchen design tool online for contractors |


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