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What's included in my FREE WEBSITE?

You get a Beautiful website and it includes the following pages:

  • Home page
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page

The above is for the starter (3) page website. Upon choosing a larger website you will receive additional pages such as services pages, project showcase pages and/or landing pages depending on the size of the site you choose.

Do I have to supply all the content?
There are two ways for us to build your website:
  1. WE SUPPLY EVERYTHING - We can build your site, and furnish all the contact (text & photos) for you. We have a huge library of royality free images.
  2. YOU SUPPLY EVERYTHING - If you have nice high-quality images, and text for all areas, Great! We will create a Drop Box for you to simply upload to. Its as easy as Drag-and-Drop.
Can I get more pages if I need them?
Most contractors like starting with only 5-7  pages. But quickly find out that more pages ads Quality to your site making it rank better on search engines. Not to mention they might want to expand their "Services" page.
Our program is fully scalable and you can expand your website as your company grows, No Problem!
Will you manage my website for me?
Of course, no problem!
We fully manage your website, add content or make changes as you need them. You never have to worry about a thing. We love building Contractor Websites.
ContractorWebsites.com | Affordable Turnkey Construction Websites for Contractors


FREE MEANS FREE! – We found that selling websites to Contractors doesn’t work well for most. Contractors are great at what they do. Once we build them a website, they can’t manage it on their own. So we are setting industry standards by offering a FULLY MANAGED CONTRACTOR WEBSITES so Contractors can focus on their business.

WHAT DOES THE MONTHLY HOSTING FEE INCLUDE? – Every website requires a hosting service. We take it way beyond hosting. Included in your monthly hosting fee is the following (A FREE Website, hosting, free SSL certificate, 24/7 website monitoring, daily website backups, CMS & software maintenance, 30 minutes of updates per month, pay as you go, upgrade any time, cancel any time, No Contracts.


Why Pay $5000.00 Or More?


Only pay for your monthly services, maintenance, security & updates


NO PROBLEM!    We love designing and building custom websites for contractors. Simply CONTACT US so we chat about your needs and offer pricing based on your requirements.

How do we get started & how long does it take?

We first start with a phone consultation. We would like you to find and show us a few sites you found on the internet that you like. The we will send you an on-boarding link and then give you a short list of items we need from you. The buid process can take a couple of weeks and longer, depending on you supplying what we need in a timely manor. We can also assist you with suppling your photos/images and the on-page text as we use AI… I’ts amazing.

Do I have to pay upfront and in full? Or do you take payments?

We can work with you on paying for milestones. We can even work with a reasonable payment schedule. Our primary concern is getting your company live on the internet. If you would like more information about your turnkey website, contact us and we will schedule a call.

Do I own the website after you are done?

YES – Purchasing a custom website gives you full rights and possession once it’s paid for in full. Until it’s paid for you will not have access to the CMS or be able to transfer it to another host. This is a Turnkey Website service.

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Every Contractor Needs This!

Document jobs – Share photos & videos

Quickly create beautiful  photo galleries

Display project photos on your website


Company Cam - Capture job-site photos and video to share with clients and your team.
100% Money Back Guarantee by ContractorWebsites.com

Money-Back Guarantee!

If we can’t make you 100% satisfied with our web design services in the first 30 days we will gladly refund your web design deposit.

DONE 4 YOU WEBSITE SERVICE – We do all the work for you. We design it, build it and launch it on the web for you to start your company branding.

*Web design is defined as designing the home page, layout, theme, colors, and design. Once approved, we will finish the site.


How We Build Your Contractor Website!


We will start by asking you to fill out our website questionnaire asking you some basic questions so that we have all your general information and we’ll include questions about your website such as color choices, layout and other options.

Once we have this information the next steps are to database your information to build your foundation and then we’ll be ready for the next step of having a consultation phone call with you to address your design in more depth and items we will need from you.

General Information Form
Image Phone Call

Once we have reviewed all your information your dedicated website designer will give you a call to discuss a few things. You will work (one on one) with your designer to complete your project. A few things discussed might be:

  • Design & layout choices
  • Images needed for the website and photo gallery
  • Type of information you require for the “Contact Us” form



You will discuss with your dedicated website designer the different types of images you should supply for your website and for the photo gallery. 

Images should be of good quality and diversified showing your clients many options for what they are looking for.

If you don’t have any great photos… don’t worry, we can provide you “Royalty-Free” industry images at a low cost.


Image Photo Gallery Images
Website Construction Image

This is where it gets fun! Your website designer will start building the website for you, checking in with you during different stages to show you items that have been built. 

At this point, we offer you the chance to make changes to tailor it to your liking. 

We take baby-steps in this process so that changes are not overwhelming at the end. We want your website to be exactly what you were expecting.


Why do Contractors Need a Website in the
Construction & Home Remodeling Industry?

Advantages You Will Have With A Construction Website Over Your Competitors!

Americans spent more than a Trillion Dollars on Construction, Renovations and Home Remodeling projects last year alone, and this figure is only expected to grow. When homeowners and business owners decide it’s time to remodel a home or office, they turn to the internet looking for contractor websites to find the right contractor for the job. If you don’t have a website for construction companies, you’re bound to be overlooked. Though this is reason enough to start building a contractor website or revamping the one you already have, plenty of other benefits are there for the taking as well.


  • Boosts Visibility: Prospects turn to the internet when they’re looking for contractors, but the search engines ultimately determine which contractor websites are worthy of their attention. If built correctly and used to its full potential, your site helps prove your relevance and authority to Google, so it’ll bring up your company in consumers’ search results. Without a website for contractors, the search engines don’t know you’re there, and neither will all those people looking for your services.
  • Lets You Show off Your Amazing Work: Since you get to choose what appears on your site, it’s the perfect opportunity to let potential clients know what you have to offer and why you’re better than the competition. Provide a general overview on your home page and add more in-depth pages devoted to each service, and you’ve got a well-rounded resume out there for all to see.
  • Speaks to the People: Prospects expect you to have a nice construction website for your company, but not all of them are looking for the same type of information. They fall into different stages of your purchasing funnel and want details specific to their unique immediate needs. From services and “about us” pages to blog posts and contact information, your website allows you to speak to all of them from various angles, giving them what they want and bringing you ever closer to being the company they choose for their projects.
  • Provides Word-of-Mouth Advertising: Despite all the technology and resources available today, or maybe because of them, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as their own friends and relatives. Any company can claim to be the best at what it does, but comments from satisfied customers hold far more power. Websites offer the perfect opening to use this to your advantage by displaying those glowing reviews from satisfied clients.
  • Offers Networking Opportunities: Links are crucial in the online world from the perspective of prospects and search engines alike. Without a site, you have no potential for links to and from other authoritative members of the contracting community and industry. At the same time, your site generates numerous chances to link your directory listings and outside reviews to your site. All these connections enhance your relevance and, by extension, your visibility.
  • Gives You Bragging Rights: Early on in the research phase, consumers learn just how important credentials are when choosing a contractor. Your website allows you to show your contractor’s license numbers and certifications in plain sight where prospects can see them. You can also showcase any awards, accolades, affiliations and other recognition you’ve received for your craftsmanship, work ethics, experience and any other elements that may sway potential clients.
  • Works around the Clock: You obviously have set business hours, but the majority of prospects work during the same timeframe. Although at least 70 percent of consumers search for information outside of typical business hours, your team can’t really be at their disposal 24 hours a day. Fortunately, your site is always readily available to the public no matter when they’re online.

Whether you’re offering expert plumbing services, laying foundations or installing solar electricity on home or for businesses, a construction website is your window to the home remodeling world. It’s where homeowners and business owners gain their first impressions of your construction company, share testimonials once you’ve successfully completed their projects. As a contractor, you know that if you build it, they will come.

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