Designing a basement can be a tricky thing to tackle, but if you know the right things to pay attention to, you can have a comfortable and neat living space underground. Here are three key design points you need to be aware of when designing your basement space.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is essential to the feeling and atmosphere of a space. Without natural light, basements can be quite dark and dank since they are underground, making them rather uninviting or even uncomfortable to spend time there. Natural lighting can even bring natural warmth into cold space. One great way of adding natural light is by adding windows and doors wherever you can. If your basement is fully underground, then you are usually able to add windows that line the tops of the walls. if you have a walkout basement, install a door made with completely transparent glass. Doing this allows you to gather some natural light even in the cold, winter months.

Source: Phantom Screens


Planning for airflow in basements is important for several reasons. The first reason you need airflow in your basement is to control moisture. Since basements are underground, they can stay wet and harvest mold in places you cannot see or get to. Increasing airflow will decrease your mold and fungus growth if you have moisture problems in your basement. The second reason to incorporate airflow into your basement is that airflow is important for improving energy efficiency. Since cold air sinks and heat rises, it can be hard to heat and cool your basement properly without paying out a massive energy bill. Airflow simply carries the warm and cold air through the rooms and mixes them so that you have an even temperature throughout your whole basement.

Source: Eicher Design Build

Flooring Type

Even though you may not think it, choosing the right flooring for your basement may make or break your design. If you live in a colder climate, stay away from tile as your main flooring material. Instead, choose something warming like carpet. If you don’t have the budget to install carpet throughout your entire basement, then simply add a few rugs onto your hard surface floor. This will add warmth to your home even if you have concrete floors.

Source: House Logic

Basements don’t have to be the cold and dark cave that is so often associated with them. Remembering to incorporate natural lighting, design for efficient airflow, and choose a smart flooring type for your basement is the core of designing a comfortable space in which your family can spend time. After that, you will be on your way to a fabulous basement design.

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