Remodeling is a great way to infuse your personality into your home more effectively. When you want a more exotic feel, there are some amazing ways to bring in the new theme. It can ensure that your home stands out from all of the others.

Focus on Trim

A focus on the details is extremely important. You need to look at how you’re going to bring in the exotic flavor. Don’t be afraid of bringing in bold, exotic colors throughout various areas of the home. Instead of white walls, consider dark yellows, bright greens, and powerful reds. You may also want to use various painting effects, such as sponging with gold. Crown molding and chair railings can be added to incorporate a more exotic look, too.

Engage Every Sense

Remember that remodeling involves engaging all of the senses. Consider what you can do to make the house look, feel, sound, and smell more exotic. Rough textures can be added to the walls and even to the cabinets. You may want matte flooring instead of one with high gloss. Consider adding faux furs as throws on your furniture. Infusers, bamboo reeds, or other fragrance boosters can be used to ensure that you get the aroma that you want wafting through the rooms. You can use different fragrances depending on the feel you want your home to have. Adding wooden beams to the ceiling can offer a more rugged look while also changing the acoustics of the room.

Choose Extraordinary Materials

Oak, marble, and other run-of-the-mill materials should be left out of the equation when you want a more exotic feel. Choose some of the more extraordinary materials that many homeowners forget about. This includes bamboo, mahogany, and cork. Various green building materials can make an incredible impact on appearance. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Once you decide the theme you want to create, such as a Brazilian rainforest or Bohemian chic, you can find materials that offer the colors you want to bring into a particular room.

All sorts of exotic additions can be made. While some may require actual building and painting, others are as simple as changing out the furniture and decorating in a more unique way. Do some research before you get started so that you can establish a full plan.

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