In some cases, the margin for error for contractors is rather small. There is a fine line between making a profit on a job and coming away with a loss. Here are some ways that contractors can lower their costs so that they can finish each job in the black.

Automate Processes

It is well established that manual work costs money because a task has to be performed by a worker at an hourly rate. A reduction in the amount of manual tasks will directly impact the bottom line. To the extent that any task can be done through technology, it can eliminate the need to pay labor to do the job. The right software program assists with systemic collaboration between the contractor and the warehouse. This reduced costs both in terms of delays as well as not needing workers to accomplish these ends.

Quality Over Quantity

It is always a temptation to reach for every single penny that is out there. However, there are several reasons why some experienced contractors decline to bid on certain jobs. Some engagements may have a higher profit margin or may be more conducive to making money. By avoiding certain jobs, contractors may be better able to manage their workforce and reduce expenses. Jobs with lower profit margins can lead to big losses if something goes wrong over the course of the project. Being selective with work can allow a contractor to cherry-pick jobs that have a higher profit potential and leave the more questionable ones to competitors.

Hiring Process

Alongside materials and equipment, employees are the biggest cost that a contractor has. If you are intelligent about how you hire, you can have a stable and productive workforce, which in turn saves money. Every time you have to replace an employee, there are some inherent costs as that employee learns their job. In addition, it takes effort to do the actual hiring and the paperwork associated with each new employee.

When a contractor hires with the intention of building a steady and low-turnover workforce, it can lower the labor costs for a job. At the same time, competent employees do better work, lowering costs of re-doing shoddy workmanship.

While many things are outside of a contractor’s control, other cost-saving measures are squarely within their purview when they undertake a job. Some careful planning and foresight can help reduce operating expenses and raise profits.

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