The bathroom is one of the main rooms of the home that contributes to the appeal and value of the property due to how frequently it’s used by residents each day. Over time, one of the bathrooms may need to be renovated to improve its design and functionality after it’s become outdated. If you want to avoid damage or wear to the rest of the home, there are a few ways to protect it during a bathroom renovation.

Turn Your Water Off

Many homeowners make the mistake of forgetting to turn off the water before they begin renovating their bathroom. Unfortunately, you’ll increase the risk of springing a leak if you don’t turn the water off in advance, which can lead to significant damage in the building and will cost a lot to repair. According to this home improvement website, turning the water off is especially important if you plan to work on the plumbing directly.

Do Some Pest Control

When renovating your bathroom, there may be a lot of cracks and holes that are present as you break down walls or tear out some of the materials that are installed. Make it a point to do some pest control to prevent infestations that can occur. According to this pest control company, pests can invade through areas where plumbing enters your home, any cracks and crevices, basement areas and even through your garage which may butt up against a bathroom. It’s important to be current on all your pest control procedures to protect your home from unwelcome critters. Taking this step is especially important for bathrooms that are located on the ground floor where pests are more likely to invade from the outside.

Wear Protective Shoe Coverings

Protective shoe coverings are one of the most useful items you can purchase to protect your home while remodeling it. Wear the booties each time you work in the home, which will be quicker and easier than having to untie your shoes when coming in and out of the building. They’re cheap and are useful for protecting the floors in your home from dirt and the materials that you’re working with during the remodel project.


Knowing how to effectively protect your home while remodeling one of the bathrooms is necessary to maintain the quality and appeal of the surrounding area as the work is performed. With the right materials used and steps taken, you can enjoy a smooth and successful process without complications that occur.

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