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What Are SEO Optimized Landing Pages?


You paid $9500.00 this year for SEO for your 8 page website using 6 keywords and one city name, how’s that working for you?

When you could of had a 25,000 pages (or more) website that is fully optimized with every SEO Optimization you can do “per page” and rank for thousands of keywords in many cities and counties.

There is a reason why some contractor websites RANK on GOOGLE and others don’t. We’ve got all the secrets, and they work!

Why Do I Need So Many Pages?

The answer is very simple…

If your plumbing company had one billboard up in the entire county, how many calls do you think you would get from it per month?

Imagine now it has 50,000 billboards up in your county, you know that your phone will be ringing BIG TIME!…

There is POWER in NUMBERS, and especially when each page is SEO Optimized perfectly!

Can I Get A Full Website, Or Just Landing Pages?

The GOOD NEWS is we offer BOTH!

When you place your order with us, we can build stand-alone html pages that go into your existing website, or we can build an entire SEO Optimized website for you for the same price, and same amount of pages.

*some restrictions apply

Can I Start Smaller And Have More Built As I Grow?


Many of our smaller companies and subcontractors will start with 5000 – 10000 pages and grow into more. This is all based on geographic locations and the amound of services or keywords that we come up with.

I Have More Questions, Can I Talk To A Live Person?

Absoluty !!!!!!

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Keith and I am also a real live General Building Contractor… 🙂 That’s Right! This is what make me so succussful in this industry and I still own and opperate a Construction Company in California, and have owned a Website Design and SEO company since 1999 making me one of the oldest experts in this industry!

Just use our CONTACT US page and I will give you a call ASAP!

Explanation How Landing Pages Work

We design our website and all pages to work together. The target is your website. Your bullseye can be any page that a particular landing page or link brings a client to. All of the funnel color rings are different optimizations that are done to broaden and capture the users search terms or words along with their city, county or state that they are search for.

BULLSEYE – Could be a service page, or contact page having a call to action, form, email, phone number!

PURPLE RING – Main keyword us as “Pet Store in my city”

BLUE RING – Tier 2 keywords such as “Pet Supplies in my city”

AQUA RING – Tier 3 keywords such as “Dog Food or Cat Food in my city”

AVOCADO RING – Long-tail keywords such as “Best dog food for a poodle in my city”

CARMEL RING – Broader long-tail keywords such as “The healthiest dog food most people buy for an older poodle”

RED RING – Question – Answering questions that people might search for. Google loves answers to users questions.


how do landing pages work like a funnel for contractors

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