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I have been helping contractors to rank locally in the top of the search engines for over 20 years.

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Why ContractorWebsites.com is the #1 industry leader for affordable websites that convert to jobs for contractors of all trades.


We often get asked “How did you get the domain name “ContractorWebsites.com”? It’s because we have been building dynamic websites for contractors and offering expert SEO services since 1999. We are the oldest and most solid Contractor Website company in the industry today!

Hi, I’m Keith Daigneault, a real General Building Contractor and the Owner of ContractorWebsites.com. I have been a licensed General Contractor since 1985 and when the internet was born I quickly realized how important websites were for business, especially contractors and construction companies and soon started a website design and SEO company. This sounds not possible, I know… The fact is that in the early days of the internet I became a website designer and did all my own SEO and ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Hot Bot, Infoseek, Sidewalk and more! I quickly became one of the only ISP’s, web designer and SEO Experts in Southern California. It’s now been well over 20 years now.

Just like many contractors, my company got burned hard from Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Contractor.com and a few others. So around 2014 I started my own Contractor Directory and it’s FREE to all contractors. You can visit ContractorHomePros.com and take a look for yourself. You can also sign up (no credit card ever needed) and get a full color, full-page ad.

Moving forward, I have been contacted by hundreds of contractors from my site (Free Construction Leads Directory) www.ContractorHomePros.com that wanted to know how to get a nice affordable website for their company. I ended up building many websites for contractors over the years that couldn’t afford it. The problem was that a full-blown custom WordPress website can run from $10,000.00 and more, and many contractors did not want to pay that. So I decided to help them out and build the most robust, semi-custom website builder that is specifically designed only for contractors and the construction industry.

Enter ContractorWebsites.com     We offer the full package in-house making it simple to design, build and launch your new website. Once your site is launched, most contractors will have a budget set aside for us to start a powerful SEO program helping them to rank higher in the search engines which converts to more jobs.

NOTE: We offer both turnkey website services and a robust DIY website builder for those who would like to build their own. You will receive a secure backend dashboard log-in and start building. Don’t worry, if you get stuck we offer excelent customer service or we can do all the work for you.

I hope to be able to earn your business,
Keith Daigneault (Owner)


Kitchen Vision is an add-on to your website. Blow your competitors away with this amazing kitchen visualizer.

Your clients will love it!

Kitchen Vision | Kitchen design tool online for contractors | ContractorWebsites.com


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