Affordable Construction Websites Made Easy

Construction, plumbing, solar, flooring, concrete, and landscaping contractors, along with any other type of contractor must have websites to be noticed these days. It is no longer a luxury or something to work on later because up to 92 percent of potential customers search for contractors online. A business with no online presence is virtually invisible to the public. Billboards, vehicle wraps, and radio advertisements are marketing tools that can accompany a website but will cease to draw customers on their own.

No Time to Create One

One reason mentioned for not having a website yet is that there is no time to create one. That is fair. Contractors are busy operating a business and many already use evenings and weekends to catch up on paperwork and inventory. Time to sit down and attempt contractor website design seems impossible and can be intimidating. Not everyone can turn on a computer and create sophisticated and professional websites.

Until Now

A do-it-yourself (DIY) website builder for contractors makes creating a website easy and affordable. Anyone who can drag and click components will end up with a construction website design in the matter of a few minutes. This program does not use ordinary and worn out templates that have been offered for two decades. Innovative and new templates look striking, are flexible so each site is customized to the business, and present well whether the business is a contractor of one or one-hundred.


Advantages of construction websites include:

  • An opportunity to highlight specific talents
  • Exposure to both local and national customers
  • The chance to make a connection with people
  • Generate leads twenty-four hours a day

Business owners can also offer first-time customer coupons, announce new products, and educate people about the importance of regular services, inspections, and maintenance. A roofing contractor can provide information regarding how an annual roof inspection can prevent major damage and save homeowners significant amounts of money.

Not All About Sales

There is no denying that a website will raise revenues, attract customers, and help a contractor stand out from the competition. It is important to realize that an internet presence is not all about sales. A photo gallery allows the owner to help customers envision what their ordinary space can become. What a mason can achieve with different patterns and colors of pavers, for example, is amazing. Many home or commercial property owners may never have thought of changing any entrance or patio into a work of art.

So, What Does This All Cost?

That is a wise question because the term affordable is often relative. What is affordable to one business owner may be out of financial reach to another one. This is not the case for this DIY website builder. There are plans to accommodate the smallest business marketing budget. That contractor of one can get started for a one-time setup fee that is less than a tank of diesel for the business truck.

Low monthly payments are less than that and provide support and components for a website of up to five pages. Three packages: silver, gold, and bronze, are offered for the same low setup fee and change in terms of degrees. The silver package allows the owner to create a site that has five pages while the gold package allows up to ten pages. The platinum package includes unlimited pages.

Every package includes a free domain name for the first year, a photo gallery, email accounts, support, and a free listing in the directory of contractors found at Contractors work extremely hard to build their businesses, and websites will get those businesses noticed. Customers will be coming to you for their next projects.