Many Contractors get sucked into paying lots of money for Google and Facebook ads and quickly find out they don’t work.

We understand and get it. You are a Contractor and you thought that paying Google & Facebook for their ads would make your phone ring and bring you tons of business. Well, that is not the case for many Contractors today.

The problem is that the Google and Facebook ads are costing more and more every day but giving you less. And it will continue to get more expensive every month as larger companies outbid you and collect the majority of the traffic and all of the traffic for tier-one keywords. Many Contractors come to us very frustrated and angry about this and ask us for both an explanation and for help.

Why paying for ads & leads doesn’t work for Contractors?

More and more Contractors and Construction Companies are turning to online advertising and building great websites for the first time. Businesses who are already spending on digital ads are shifting more of their advertising budget towards doing Local SEO to drive more organic traffic to their Construction Websites for free. This means you will face a major increase in competition for the same homeowers that are looking for your services. Contractors and local construction business owners are batteling against each other in bidding wars for the most popular construction keywords for their niche services.

So what does this mean for Contractors?

This is what’s happening… More contractors and local construction businesses that have bigger budgets are competing for the same job as you are, one the one side. Then on the other side Google and Facebook have a way of tweaking their algorithms so they can reduce the amount of browser  space on the first page of your search results for the organic search results. This is pushing more contractors to use their ads to secure a listing on the front or first page of search results. It’s kind of the ‘easy way out’ until you run out of money. Then all of a sudden your phone stops ringing forever or until you can come up with a bunch more money to throw at them.

We can see the results of these 2 trends in the sky-rocketing ad revenue growth for Facebook and Google below in the two charts supplied by one of our trusted partners “”. Google raked in over $136 billion last year, and Facebook pulled in $72 billion.

Facebook Ads for Contractors

Google Ads for Contractors

If you are looking to STOP spending all your hard earned money and want to invest into your company with a website that preforms, then contact us for a contractor website that will work for free for many years to come.