The construction-based workplace is different from your typical office environment — disregard for established regulations runs the risk of serious injury and even death. Paying attention to existing rules and regulations will also help boost productivity and get each project finished faster. Here’s what to know about creating and following rules and standards in the construction workplace.

Avoid Mishaps and Accidents

For some employees, cutting corners is tempting. It may allow them to finish a job faster and with less physical exertion. However, behavior like this is likely to lead to falls and other workplace accidents. It’s important to make sure every employee understands and is compliant with OSHA standards and other rules in the workplace in order to avoid causing serious problems. To help your employees adhere to these guidelines, be sure to review relevant OSHA guidelines with them, especially before a potentially dangerous job. And, while you do this, take the time to make sure your business is OSHA compliant in every aspect, too—failure to comply can result in significant fines as well as severe injuries or even death for any employees affected.

Faster Production

Balancing quality results with efficient delivery is one of the many challenges contractors face. Establishing clear workplace rules and guidelines can make your workspace more efficient. For example, having several mobile tool stations and guidelines for performing tasks means that your employees will go into a task with a clear idea of how to do it and where to access the tools they need. And, when your employees already know best practices for completing a given task, they won’t need to stop and ask for guidance while on site.

Keep Employees Feeling Valued

Following workplace guidelines in construction also has another benefit: It will make your employees feel valued. Whether it’s checking to make sure helmets and safety goggles are in good repair or using OSHA’s heat safety tool to keep them protected in the elements, each step you take toward ensuring safety shows your employees that you care about their well being. As you undoubtedly know, construction is difficult and demanding work. By showing your employees you care about keeping them safe, you’re likely to motivate them to do a thorough job on every site.

By following OSHA guidelines and creating your business’s own list of best practices, you’ll be able to protect employee safety while still maximizing productivity. These practices will help keep your employees and your customers happy.

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