Why Contractors Should Consider Using A
Construction Website Template For Their Contractor Website

Once you have decided to invest in a website for your construction business, there are many factors you, the contractor, must consider. Which construction website design company will you use? How will you host your site, and who will you contract to build and maintain your contractor website? One of the most imperative choices that you will make is whether you will go for a custom web design or use a template. With the custom design option, you will be required to start from scratch and go up using CSS, PHP, and HTML to build a contractor website that caters to your specific brand and needs. However, when using a website template, you have the choice of selecting from hundreds of already pre-developed website skeletons, which you can modify to fit your brand and needs. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, and your choice will rely on your specific requirements. Below are some of the benefits of using a template when building a contractor website.

• Easy Setup
When the templates are built, developers consider the fact that these templates will be used for a wide array of functions, and will also be used by individuals with all levels of experience in development. For this reason, the templates typically come with a wide variety of built-in widgets, functionality, and options, which will ensure an easy job of setting up your contractor website. Furthermore, these options will offer more flexibility when developing your site. If you are a novice, these templates will give you a simple framework where you can plug in all the contents of your website. On the other hand, individuals with more experience in website development can use the templates as a starting point to develop more complex modifications.

• Less Expensive
Templates are not only easy to set up but also less expensive in numerous ways. To start with, the price of the website template is quite low, at around $100 – $200 each on an average. The development and setup costs are also significantly reduced due to the maximization of the potential of all the built-in features of the template. Even if you decide to hire a web designer or company to put together the contractor web site, the time you will save by using the website template, unlike using custom web designs will save you so much money on the area of development.

• Variety of Options
If you can look up the word “WordPress Templates” on Google, you will find thousands of results. When you decide to use the template option for your contractor website, what you see is exactly what you get. Therefore, you are sure to get the expected final product. With such a wide array of options, the hardest part of will be to find the one which will best suit your design needs.

• Built-in Functionality and Reliable Updates
Website templates typically have numerous built-in functionalities such as WYSIWYG editing options and SEO features, which will help in saving time, hassles, and money in all the areas of managing your contractor website. Additionally, the SEO features are imperative in optimizing your site for search engines as it helps in enhancing its ranking and attracting traffic as well. The features also remove the need to hire the services of an SEO professional, which can be quite expensive. This is crucial for your contractor website. On the other hand, when you buy a website template, you will, in most cases, get theme support and updates for the future. This will help in keeping your contractor website running smoothly as well as minimizing bugs. The updates to CMS platforms like WordPress might, at times, develop theme problems. However, bearing in mind, you can access the support from the developers of these themes in such instances is one of the main benefits of using the template option. You can get support in the form of telephone support, live chat, support ticket systems, forums, and tutorials. You do not want your site down, as this will adversely affect your business.

• Ability to Add Unlimited Content
The Content Manage System, CMS, platforms such as WordPress and Joomla enable you to add unlimited content easily even if you do not have the coding experience. You can go ahead and publish images, videos, and SEO content by just a click of a button. The blog section of your website is important as the articles will help in SEO ranking as well as providing much-needed information to your clients. Content marketing is one of the most successful digital marketing strategies that convert. By using high-quality, insightful, engaging, and quality SEO articles, you are sure to generate leads and succeed in your customer acquisition and retention strategies.
As seen above, using a template when building your contractor website comes with numerous benefits. However, one of the main disadvantages of going for this option is that it can be a challenge to change or modify the visual appearance. The page layout and color schemes can, however, be adjusted in style sheets, which can be a challenge to the inexperienced to modify. It is also imperative to keep in mind that the copyright to the templates is held by the creator and hence cannot be transferred by a client once the product is purchased.
All in all, these are minor issues that can be corrected immediately and easily. Therefore, using a website template is an ideal way for businesses, whether big or small, to build a perfect site. These templates are numerous and free, making them easily downloadable from the internet. All you are required is to determine your requirements and goals before deciding on the template to ensure you find the perfect one suitable for your editing expertise and needs.

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