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Most of our clients come to us for our 100% Free SEO website audit report to see how their website stacks up for the search engines. Once they see all the problems with their construction website, they quickly ask us for help. The first step in getting your website to generate free construction job leads for you is making sure the site is built to all of Googles standards. There are many more aspects to getting a good contractor website to rank on the search engines, but if your site is not built correctly it will never rank.

Why do Contractor Websites need SEO? Building a website today and trying to get it ranked is very difficult. Having a broken website is like having a single line phone number in the middle of a phone book… no one will ever find you! But if your website ranks well locally, it’s like having a full-color front page ad. Your website is now generating free construction job leads for your company, every day, every night and 24/7.

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