Whether you are a one-man home improvement business owner, or you employ a larger staff, it never hurts to ensure that you are taking advantage of all marketing and branding opportunities. Porch.com is a platform that is dedicated to getting every home project done and every customer satisfied as well as realizing the potential of every home. It started as a small operation that expanded into Lowe’s stores in order to connect professionals with homeowners. Here are some ways your business can get noticed on this platform.

Introducing: Porch.com

Porch.com launched in September 2013 with an impressive 1.5 million professionals already listed. In April 2014, the platform partnered with Lowe’s. The expansion was national. The goal was to help customers of Lowe’s who required home improvement project receive help and guidance by easily connecting them with professionals in their area. Seattle Business Magazine recognized the platform’s great working environment with an award in July 2014. Today, the platform continues to grow. For consumers, this is a platform that gives homeowners the opportunity to find home improvement professionals who are legitimate and trustworthy. For professionals, this is a great way to create an additional income stream. The staff at Porch prides itself on not having egos, being ambitious, and caring deeply. This is a group of problem solvers who have managed to take a small operation and turn it into one that occupies a four-story former warehouse in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle. 

Invest Time in Your Profile

As a professional, when you create an account on Porch, you are strongly encouraged to invest time in your profile. The more detail you can add, the more likely it is to attract the attention of potential clients. Pictures are great for adding legitimacy. It is best to fill in all relevant fields. If anything is left blank, a potential client might skip over your profile or they will have to set aside time to ask you questions. A complete profile gives them the confidence they need to pick you over others. Your profile is the first impression your company is going to make on potential clients. You, therefore, should determine what kind of first impression you would like to make to potential clients. If your profile is half-finished, potential clients may believe that the projects you work on may only get half-finished, too. Creating the best first impression can be a challenge. Treat your profile the way you would treat a project. Allowing your work ethic, style and uniqueness to shine is one way to grab the attention of customers who found you on this platform. 

Earn a Profile Badge

When you complete a job for a client, you expect that the client will be honest about their expectations. You also expect to get paid. On Porch, thorough background checks are run. Once the check is completed, your profile will earn a badge. The badge helps your home improvement business get out there because clients can be confident that your company is legitimate. A lot of good things have sprouted with the increased power of the internet. There have also been some downsides. The internet has given way to fraud and individuals with nefarious intentions. The staff at Porch prevents fraud from occurring on all sides by vetting professionals and customers. 

Capitalize on the Power of Reviews

Receiving good reviews on Porch.com attracts potential customers and creates a good reputation for your business. It also leads to attractive perks from the platform. Porch builds its service and credibility by how well its professional members do their job. If clients are happy, they are more likely to recommend your services to others as well as the platform. A positive review is someone placing their faith in you. When many give you their vote of confidence through reviews, you are more likely to come up at the top of the results. This, of course, can lead to more business opportunities.

Receive Qualified Leads

The Porch platform is designed to filter through the expertise of their professionals and the needs of their customers. Through the use of technology and software, the leads professionals receive are pre-qualified. This means that the clients are pre-screened and will pay when the job is complete. Clients, once a job is complete, have the option to continue with the same professional through an on-demand option. So, jobs well done are rewarded. This helps get your business out there with the rest of the Porch community. It gives your profile and company more credibility and attention.

Get Discounts for Quality

Once your profile is complete, you have earned a profile badge and you will receive another once you complete your first job, your business should begin to receive more views afterward. As the number of jobs is finished your exposure increases, so should the positive reviews. Gaining positive momentum on Porch.com will lead to an increase in jobs offered. If your company manages to please customers on a consistent basis, you will be rewarded. A business that drives customers to the platform is helping the platform stay alive. So, the staff at Porch will offer a discount for quality. It is their way to thank you for a job well done.

Exposing your business to as many qualified homeowners as possible is a good idea for any business. On the Porch platform, you can gain more business by simply completing your profile, passing the background check and delivering quality services.
If you don’t have a professional website or marketing strategy, that should be your first step in expanding your business. Talk to our experts today!