Renting construction equipment is essential when you can’t or don’t want to invest in buying it. However, you have to beware of hidden fees that can cost you extra when you rent. Make sure to pay special attention to the following to make sure you aren’t surprised by the final cost of your construction equipment rental.

The Contract

Contracts are often long and tedious, but it’s still important that you read any rental contract before signing it. Contracts often go into detail about situations that can result in extra fees when renting equipment. If you don’t thoroughly comb through the contract, you won’t know what to expect. Fees can be accrued for failing to clean equipment properly. Some businesses also charge fees to help offset the cost of disposing of hazardous waste associated with construction equipment. Keep in mind that you may be charged a fee if you don’t return the equipment with a full tank of gas. All of these little expenses can add up quickly.

Protecting the Equipment

Construction equipment can handle a lot, but you still want to make sure you protect the items that you rent. If you return the equipment damaged or broken, you will have to pay extra. According to Spartan Mats, placing material between construction equipment and the ground can allow you to work on uneven terrain. To protect your equipment from various weather conditions, you can use tarps or other materials to cover it. Make sure you know how to use the equipment so that you don’t have an accident that results in damage. Also, be aware that if someone else vandalizes or damages rental equipment, you will likely be the one who has to pay for it. It may be beneficial to take out rental insurance if it is offered. This could save you money in case of an accident.

Ask Questions

Before you rent construction equipment, make sure you ask any questions that you have before signing a contract. Even after you read the contract and do your research, it’s never a bad idea to receive clarification on any points that you still need help understanding. According to Bobcat, in order to avoid added fees or billing surprises, make sure you read the rental agreement first and ask questions about anything you’re not clear on. The person renting the equipment to you should be able to explain in simple terms any way that you could be charged an extra fee.

It’s important to trust the person or company that allows you to rent construction equipment. If honesty is something the business values, there may be less of a chance that you’ll accrue hidden or extra fees.No one wants to be taken by surprise. Look for all hidden fees before you rent equipment so you can prepare yourself for the final costs.

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