Being in charge is a whole different game than being one of the workers. There are wonderful things about a new responsibility but making sure you’ve taken care of all the complications involved is critical. Here are some of the things you need to be concerned about when you are running a construction site.

Staying on Schedule

As a manager working in construction, chances are you already know how frustrating it is to work on a project that is not on schedule. Not only does the customer get increasingly annoyed, but so do the workers. Being able to formulate a realistic plan, with short, attainable goals is important when creating any schedule. Use the tools which others have developed to do your best to create a feasible plan. Even when things don’t go exactly right, when there’s a plan, it’s easier to get back on track.

Following Safety Regulations

You also know that it’s important to lead by example when it comes to following rules and regulations. Your team relies upon you not slacking off and holding others accountable as well as following all OSHA regulations so that they each can be safe. Especially because they are working with heavy equipment and tools, and following a pandemic, it’s critical to review standards and make sure everyone knows what you expect. Failure to follow safety regulations can be catastrophic.

Communication is Always Key

No matter what kind of project you are helping to build, communication with your team can make or break your ability to function as a leader. While it’s important to delegate and trust those assigned to do their jobs, it’s also important to circle back and check in on whether they have any additional needs, and to check on your suppliers and stakeholders as well. There are lots of options to cut down on the confused jumble of emails involved, and great software to keep everybody on the same page.

Keep open communication and trust the skills of your team. Make sure everybody is following regulations, and staying (as most as they can) to the schedule. Allow yourself to grow into this new leadership position, and apologize honestly when you make mistakes. Remember, the hallmark of a leader is not that they do everything correctly, but acknowledge when they make mistakes. You are going to do an amazing job!  

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