If you are serious about your company, then you should be very serious about your website. There are many factors to consider in doing SEO, but the two most important things to start with to get your website ranking on top of the search engines is “Content” and “Quality Links”.

CONTENT = Good quality unique information about your company, services and products.

QUALITY LINKS = Only purchase the best high quality links or your website will not rank!


SEO is not just one thing… you don’t just do something on your page or a few links and magic happens. SEO is very complex and covers hundreds of items that all add up to either a junk website that won’t rank or a great site with a good page rank and site rank.


Here are some items we will talk to you about so you have a better understanding and appreciation of what on-page and off-page SEO can do for your website and your construction company. We want you to succeed and we know how to do this.

TITLE TAGS – These are what the search engines display in the search pages.

META DESCRIPTION – This is what is displayed below the title in the search display.

H-TAGS – These tell the search engines what your page is about. Very important

CONTENT – Content is King. We will teach you how to get great content for your site.

DEEP LINKING – Connecting pages with an internal link structure.

KEY PHRASE LINKING – More than just internal links. Using long tail keywords as internal links and H2 tags.

OUTBOUND LINKS – Importance of industry outbound links and why.

DO-FOLLOW INCOMING LINKS – Why you need this and what type you should go after.

NO-FOLLOW INCOMING LINKS – Right? Why would you want links to your website and tell Google no to follow it?

GUEST POSTING – Done right, this can be very powerful for traffic.

WEB 2.0 LINKS – Always a great idea and you should invest in these.

ANCHOR TEXT LINKS WITH MULTI TIER SUPPORT – This get a bit complex but is very powerful.

FORUM POSTING – Can offer quick results. But must be ongoing.

BLOG POSTING – Your website can benefit from great blog posts. It’s more organic traffic.

LONG TAIL KEYWORDS – In a huge niche it can be hard to rank. We will talk about how this can help you.

SOCIAL MEDIA – This can not only be important, but can also help launch your company if done right.

VIDEO – YouTube is a great way to promote your company. Many clients use video search as much as they use Google.

As you can see, there are many angles to consider before launching an SEO campaign for your company. First we need to start with your on-page SEO making sure it’s ready for search engines to crawl, then we can start the off-page SEO.

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