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Have you ever wondered how very few contractors are able to dominate the front pages of Google for your trade and industry? It’s a lot of work. SEO for Contractors is mandatory with today’s Google algorithms. First, you need to start with a great website (not junk with pretty pictures). It has to have content a client would like when they land on your site and it has to be fully optimized for local search engine algorithms.

A Few Things To Know:

Marketing | This is when you take your website to the public and search engines. There are many ways to market your company such as:

  • A great website – Built by professionals to work for you, converting to more jobs!
  • SEO – Some Search Engine Optimization works alongside and with marketing.
  • Social Marketing – Join several social media sites. Join communities and participate.
  • Photo Sharing – Share photos of your work where ever you can, and as much as you can!

SEO | This is the back-end work that you don’t see, but the search engines do. This is doing white-hat work that makes your website more attractive to search engines, the right way.

Branding | Getting your business name, address, phone number, logo, job photos, and company info out to as many Citation sites as possible. Bringing all search results around the world to your brand. A citation is like a business directory.

SEO is not a trick, it’s not a secret or magic. There are many factors that go into search engine optimization for contractor websites. Here are some of the most important ones:

Most Important SEO Ranking Factors?

  • A Secure and Accessible Website (That meets search engine standards)
  • Page Loading Speed (Mobile Page Speed is Very Important)
  • Mobile Friendliness (If your site looks good on a PC but not on a phone, it’s junk)
  • Domain Age, Page Rank, and Domain Authority
  • Optimized Content (Content that both reads well and is optimized for search engines)
  • Technical SEO (Best done by professionals only, so you don’t get your site penalized)
  • User Experience (Would I enjoy my site more than others on the front page of Google?)
  • Links (DO NOT BUY JUNK LINKS… You need high-quality links only)
  • Social Signals (Network on social media. Do quality posts. Share others & attract traffic)
  • Real Business Information (Invest in a good citation program)

SEO PACKAGES FOR CONTRACTORS | In the right sidebar you will see different SEO packages we offer construction companies to help get their website ranking. Top ranking contractors obviously get more traffic to their website, and traffic equals more job leads and jobs for contractors.

We offer different SEO Marketing plans to meet any Construction Company's goals. What makes us different than other SEO guys is that we offer a full backend dashboard for you to access, track and watch your progress in real-time... And it's 100% FREE!

SEO For General Contractors Packages

Price is per month | Pay as you go
No Contracts | Cancel anytime


 $399. SEO Starter Package

Also known as our maintenance package. Great starter if on a tight budget. Better used for after a six month SEO campaign to use to solidify your SEO foundation.


$599. SEO Value Package

This Value Package is an entry-level SEO starter pack. This would be for a smaller amount of keywords, services, and areas. But a great value!


$799. SEO Silver Package

Our most popular SEO package for most sub-contractors such as plumbers, roofers, painters, and flooring contractors. You will achieve faster results than the starter and value packs.


$999. SEO Gold Package

The Gold package is more suitable for General Contractors, Kitchen Remodeling Companies, Cabinet and Flooring stores and any sub-contractors that have a larger company that covers more area.


$1199. SEO Platinum Package

This is no doubt our Kick-Ass package. Ignite your business while building a very strong foundation. Get a jump on your competitors by quickly dominating them in your local industry. You will not be disappointed with these results!


Private Client Dashboard

When you hire us for your SEO, we build a customized dashboard for you.  With this, you can log into our backend and monitor your project in real time.

  • Complete transparency and measurable results: Our powerful reporting dashboard shows you exactly where your SEO dollars are going. Every SEO task performed is reported in real-time to track progress and clearly outline our work.
  • Campaign monitoring: We monitor your SEO campaign to identify areas of improvement. We also provide automated weekly and monthly updates on campaign performance to ensure that your goals are being met.

SEO dashboard for contractors SEO and marketing