When you run a home improvement company, it’s because you care about offering your customers high quality products and services. But figuring out which services to provide can be complicated. You don’t have to offer every service right up front, but when you’ve covered the basics you can make yourself invaluable to your customers.

Insulation and Waterproofing

A great starting point for offering services is insulation and waterproofing. This is a great place to start because waterproofing and insulation are essential to every home. Insulation will help your customers’ homes to run more efficiently and stay cool during hot weather and warm when it’s cold outside. Waterproofing can help protect basements and other susceptible areas from the dangers of water damage. You can offer both of these services individually or as packages to best meet the needs of your customers. While some customers may decide to deal with insulation and waterproofing issues on their own, many will appreciate the ability to easily get professional insulation and waterproofing help in your store.


Siding is one of those jobs that pretty much all homeowners hire a professional to do. That’s what makes an ideal service to offer to your customers as part of your home-improvement company. Siding comes in a variety of types with various benefits and installation requirements. So, it is important to make sure you have an expert team with the experience to make siding a breeze. Your customers will be excited to be able to come to you for their siding needs whether they are adding siding to their home, making repairs, or replacing existing siding for aesthetic or functionality reasons.

Roof Repair

Roof repairs are one of the most common types of repairs that homeowners need. Because the roof takes on the brunt of the impact from poor weather, it is likely to be damaged frequently over time. Most homeowners will require roof repairs at least once over the course of their homeownership. Offering roof repairs will help you to branch out in your business and become a convenient option for all of your customers. Offering roof inspections as well as roof repairs will increase your reach even further and give you the opportunity to expand your business effectively. From small roof repairs to major damage and even complete replacements, roofing jobs Will give your business plenty to do and help you to secure your bottom-line.

Asphalt Paving

Very few homeowners are interested in or able to take care of paving projects on their own. That’s because this kind of project requires professional knowledge and skills that are difficult to acquire without professional experience. So, by offering professional paving services you can improve your business and offer value to the customers you serve. With many causes of paving damage, homeowners have plenty of reasons to need maintenance. By providing paving services and maintenance you can help to make your customers’ lives easier and keep their driveways in good working order. There are many reasons why customers may need paving services so it’s in your best interest to make them easily available.


While many customers may choose to do painting work themselves, painting projects can get overwhelming, and eventually they may ask for professional help. By providing painting services you can reach a wide variety of customers and help them to meet their needs. Your painting services can include everything from consultations and selecting colors to actually completing the painting work. Customers appreciate the convenience of professional painting services and they will definitely be excited about the results of the project. With the help of professional painting equipment, you can help your customers to get their painting jobs done in a hurry without sacrificing quality

Custom Tile Work

From back splashes to shower walls, custom tile work is impressive and helps your customers to show off their personal style. Most people without tiling experience are not willing to take on custom tile work on their own, so they’re likely to hire someone to take care of their project. By offering custom tile services you can give your customers the ability to have unique tile designs that match their home. Custom tile work can include the initial designing of the project, the tile selection and the installation of the final product. This kind of complete service is very attractive to all kinds of customers.

Floor Installation

Installing floors is a big job that most homeowners don’t want to tackle on their own. That’s what makes offering floor installation services such a great addition to your home improvement company. Your flooring team can install carpeting, hardwood, and composite flooring options to make sure that every customer can get the floor they want. It’s a good idea to advertise professional installation alongside the materials in your store and on your website so your customers know that professional installation is an option. You can charge for installation by the room, by square foot, or even have varying prices depending on the complexity of each individual project.

HVAC Consultations

Every home has an HVAC system that helps to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter months. That means that many of your customers will need help maintaining their HVAC. Offering HVAC inspections and consultations can help you to grow your business and build on your customer base. These consultations also give you the opportunity to help your customers to be more comfortable in their homes. The prevalence of HVAC systems is what makes this service so essential for every home improvement company. Consultations are great opportunities to help your customers understand their options and show them the benefits of your business.

Your home improvement business needs to be more than just a place where people buy supplies. By offering Home improvement services you can increase the reach of your business and improve your relationships with your customers. When your customers know they can trust you to get the job done right, they will definitely return to your company time and time again. 

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