The Best Construction Websites are Created by Owners

There are thousands of talented information technology (IT) professionals, website developers, and marketing experts who can all create innovative and stunning websites for clients. They can learn how a business operates, what the specialty is, how much experience the employees have and design a site to include all that information. Pictures can be added, interesting content will capture attention, and navigating the website will be clear and easy. For as professional as the site will look there will be something lacking.


No one discusses how some websites appear to jump off the screen and intrigue browsers. Hands-on business owners who work at a craft everyday have a real passion for the industry. The construction contractor who has loved to build since an early age, the landscaper who was planting flowers in the yard as a kid, and the painter whose favorite birthday present at five years old was an easel all love what they do for a living. Whether they are successful or struggling to meet the bills, there is no other job that can compare to the current one.

Compare Some Websites

View website samples from a few different contractors to discover that the best construction websites are created by construction company owners. The way work is highlighted, the photograph angles, the educational content, and how the About Us section is worded will captivate the browser and keep people searching all the pages of the site. It makes an emotional connection that people may not even be aware of as they go from page to page learning all they can about the company. This is true of most owner created contractor websites.

The Process

The time it takes to format and organize a website is the reason more contractors do not attempt to design and customize their own websites. A fast and easy do-it-yourself (DIY) website builder dedicated to contractors simplifies the process so more people can express personality and have more control over their internet presence. The drag and click method of setting up the layout takes very little time. Templates are new, exclusive to the program, and will not end up looking like every other website.

How to Get Started

Owners only need to visit the builder website and select the package they prefer. There are three from which to choose and the one-time set up fee is nominal. After that, a monthly fee coincides with the package. All packages will include:

  • A free domain name for one-year
  • Custom image sliders
  • Email accounts and support
  • A photo gallery
  • A Contact Us form
  • A free listing at

Differences in packages regard numbers. The silver package, for example, includes up to five pages and ten images in the gallery. The gold one can be up to ten pages with twenty images in the gallery. The top package, platinum allows the website to have unlimited pages and unlimited images in the gallery.

Turnkey Solutions Offered

Owners who have no time or interest in creating their websites can have one designed by the experts available on the website builder. Set up a free consultation to explain what is needed on the site and what is desired on the site. The rest of the work will be completed for you. Due to the fact that hundreds of sites have been created this way, the result will still be one of the best construction websites on the internet.

Other Services

Contractors can take advantage of low-cost add-ons for other important services. A website maintenance package, for example, is available to keep the site fresh, update content and photographs, and edit pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be improved in two ways. A consultation can be arranged to teach owners about all the techniques needed to keep rankings high, or SEO packages can be added to have professionals handle that aspect of the website.