Website maintenance

$99. mo. Maintenance Package
We Do Everything For You!


PUT THE HAMMER DOWN!… We understand that working on websites can be a daunting experience for many Contractors, that’s why we offer to do it all for you. Below is how we can help you with your website.

examples of websites for contractor

Examples of Maintenance, Tasks & Updates:

  • Create a New Page for services.
  • Edit an existing pages Meta tags for better SEO results.
  • Add 1-10 new photos to your gallery.
  • Optimize your images for your gallery before uploading for better SEO results.
  • Replace or add slider images.
  • Change company info in up to 3 places throughout the website.
  • Changes to some wording on a page, adding or editing.
  • Change or add Social Media links.
  • Configure Social Media hyper-links to your pages.
  • Change and configure the Contact Us form.
  • Add a new Testimonial.
  • Changing colors.
  • Inserting Google Analytics Code.
  • Modify or add Meta tags (Title, Description or Keywords).
  • Embed a customer provided YouTube Video.
  • Update the Side-bar Widget Boxes & Text.
  • Modify a Featured Content Header.
  • Make some minor changes to the overall look & feel.


Website Maintenance Rules for Contractor Websites

  1. Your unused Updates do not rollover for future upgrades and cannot be applied to any other services nor are they refundable.
  2. All maintenance packages sold are based on reserving time slots each month for our designers and will not be refunded.
  3. One (1) hour is included per month for this fee. Each update will be evaluated and approved on a per case basis before work is done. But as always, we will be fair. If your updates exceed one hour, an additional fee will be discussed and billed to you before the work is done.