Contractor Websites – Plans & Pricing


We offer three (3) plans to get your company website on the internet today!

(DIY) Website Builder (Do It Yourself)

Our DIY website builder is simple to use. We offer unlimited email support and have lots of back-end help. Just fill in info, upload your photos and change your colors. You have the option to have a front page image slider or video if you want. We are always here to help if you need it. We want to see your site up and running!

(Turnkey Package) We Do All The Work For You!

$1495. (one time fee) For the contractor that would prefer us to build it for them, no problem. We love building websites. You will supply us all your page text, photos and a few other simple things like color options and layout. We will build your website and photo gallery for you and make any changes you like until you are 100% happy!

$149. mo Special | Pay By The Month | We do all the work for you | All SEO built right into the site!

With this option, there are no large down payments and you pay only $149.00 per month (plus $500. deposit). We build your 5-page website for you and handle all the updates, maintenance, adding job photos, on-page  SEO (search engine optimization) and more. You never have to do a thing.  Many contractors and construction companies don’t want to build or maintain their website or don’t know how. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. We want to see you succeed. Our team of professional website designers will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is to supply us with your on-page content and photos that you would like to see on your website.

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Note: This is a minimum of a 12-month agreement in order for us to recoup payment for the construction of the website.

Below are our DIY website builder monthly fee options. You can upgrade at any time.

Don’t worry! If you start with the DIY and decide to have us build your site for you, we can convert this also.

We want to see you succeed and will help you any way that works best for you and your company… We Promise!


$1,495.00 TURNKEY PACKAGE – We love building websites. We will build your website for you and make you 100% happy. You will supply us with the text you want on the pages, all your photos and company info… and we will take it from there. We will do all the design work, change all the colors, add your logo, build your photo gallery and do all your SEO (search engine optimization) for you so that your website can rank better with the search engines. Then when we are done you can choose to manage your site yourself or we can continue to do it for you at an additional charge only when needed.
(Note: This price is for the “Standard” package only. If you go with the Gold or Platinum packages, we charge $95. per additional page and this includes all on-page SEO also) *Money Back Guarantee! | Click Here Now For More Info!

KITCHEN VISION  $29. per mo. +$97. One Time Installation Fee – The Kitchen Vision visualizer is a MUST HAVE for all kitchen remodeling contractors as it lets your website visitors explore and vision what their kitchen might look like with different colors and choices. TRY IT FOR FREE NOW!  (**Cancel anytime, no contracts)

SEO (on-page) $50.00 pr page – SEO (search engine optimization) is mandatory for any website. What this does is optimize each webpage by creating the proper title tags, meta description tags, all your H1, and H2 tags and more to allow the search engine robots that crawl your pages to know what your company and services are about. Without this on-page SEO there is practically no change of your website ever ranking. If you would like to attempt this on your own, contact us and we will make this option available to you in your backend contractor consul at no additional charge, otherwise this is done in the Admin backend to help our clients by not allowing them to damage this work once it’s done. (Note: This service is included in the Turnkey Package at no additional cost)

NOTE: The On-Page SEO price is ONLY if you build your website yourself.
If we build your website we include all the on-page SEO for the entire site for FREE!

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE – Be sure to check out our website maintenance package by Clicking Here Now!

Additional Terms

Free Domain Name for One Year – We will register the perfect domain name for your company for you if you don’t already have one. You will choose the name, we can help you find names that are available. As long as you continue to use our services and host your website with us, we will bill you $25.00 per year thereafter to keep the domain name registered with InterNIC. If you choose to leave us we will then transfer your domain name to a hosting service of your choice (no charge) when you are ready.

* The 100% money back guarantee for the Turnkey Package only applies up until we have the website design done with the colors, logo and home page full design. Then approval must be given for us to proceed and the full money back guarantee has been waived for us to complete the website.

** Cancel Anytime – You may cancel anytime but the service is billed per month and there are no refunds in the middle of a month. When that paid month runs out, you will no longer be billed and the Kitchen Vision will be removed from your website.


Simply click on any frequently asked question below to see the answer!

Free domain name, email and hosting, what does this mean?

You will need a domain name (EXAMPLE: So either you can register one by creating a GoDaddy account and then give us the login details to your account and we can change the DNS to point to your new website… or we can register it for you or if you already have one, we can use that point it to your new website that you create with our DIY website builder.

If we pay for you FREE Domain, it will be paid for one year by us. At the end of that one year we will send you a bill and you can choose to pay for 1 – 10 years at that time. We will also transfer the name to you and help you with this.

EMAIL – We will set up your free email account(s) on our server for you so that you will have ( as your email name instead of ( It looks so much more professional. And if you want to keep your “yahoo or gmail” email address, no problem. We can make your new email address forward to that account for you.

As to HOSTING, your monthly hosting fees are all included in your monthly fee. No need to pay someone else for this.

Does my new website need to be hosted with you?

YES – Let me explain. due to the fact that we have a backend that is for you (the user) it has to be on our servers. We do have an option if you would like for us to build you a website using your hosting service (not on our servers) then we can do this also.

Can I start with the 5 page site and upgrade later if I want to?

YES – We developed it this way to allow even the smallest companies to get started at a very reasonable price. You will quickly find that once you get your website launched on the web that you might require additional pages for more services or cities that you want to expand into. You contact us and we will change your plan to your choice and change your subscription service as well.

I don't know anything about building a website.

We understand that you are great at your trade, but might not know or understand how websites work. That is why we built this service to allow contractors to get a nice website without paying $5000.00 or more! Our backend is so simple that anyone can do it. Just fill in the questions or point and click to change colors and we do the rest. If you should get stuck on a section… no problem. Shoot us an email and we will help you. We want your company to on the internet today.

What if I just want you guys to build it for me... is this possible?

We do get this request sometimes and we can certainly help you. Our fee includes designing and building the entire website for you all at one time. Any future updates or changes will be an additional fee. You supply “all” the content, meaning all the text, logo and photos.

$495.00 – For the 5 page website package

$795.00 – For the 10 page website package

Contact us if you would like a custom package


Professionally designed websites are tailored to your unique needs, goals and services, but in all honesty, they don’t come cheap. Though they can be much less expensive than many business owners may think, they do have a price tag attached. Having said that, they also offer plenty of advantages. Still, they’re not the only options available. While WordPress templates are extremely popular alternatives, do-it-yourself websites hold plenty of value in their own right.

  • Price: DIY websites are far less expensive than some of the other options available. Businesses have budgets, and we’re well aware of just how important keeping costs low is to our clients.
  • Quality: No matter what your website design budget may be, having a superior online presence is sure to make all the difference in terms of visibility and overall success. With a DIY site, you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability.
  • Ease of Use: Not everyone has extensive knowledge of website design, coding and all the industry’s other intricacies. With our DIY site builder, you don’t need it. Our back-end website management system allows you to easily change out photos and videos, add your own company logo and contact information, update content, input new blog posts and make numerous other changes. It’s an effective, user-friendly platform you’ll enjoy working with.
  • Versatility: Though our DIY system is based on templates, it’s anything but a cookie-cutter option. You can customize it to suit your own needs, add or delete pages as necessary at no extra cost, link to social media accounts, insert Google maps and incorporate a wide range of other features to make your site stand out for all the right reasons.
  • Speed: With our do-it-yourself website builder, you could be up-and-running in a matter of hours. Some alternatives take days or even weeks to design before being ready to go live, and as they say, time is money. When it comes to building your online presence, every day may count.
  • Customization: No matter which types of services you offer, you can incorporate all the details prospects may need to make not only the right choices for their particular needs, but the choice to hire you for their projects. Create and incorporate industry-specific blog posts, photos of your past projects, reviews from satisfied clients and other items to help propel prospects further along your conversion funnel. You can even change up the color themes and background imagery to better meld with your company’s image.
  • Hosting: With WordPress, you’d need to secure your own host capable of supporting this platform, be well-versed in site configuration and file transfer protocol and understand a number of other complexities of website hosting. Our DIY system comes with hosting services already included and is designed to work with any domain, so all you have to do is choose one and get connected.
  • Email: When you choose our do-it-yourself site builder, you’ll get a custom, domain-specific email address ready to help you connect with prospects and current clients alike. Most website builders won’t offer this feature, but we’re here to make the process as simple and effective as possible for you.
  • Support: Our system is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible even for those with absolutely no website creation experience whatsoever. If you do happen to hit a snag, though, we’re here to help you work through it.

Prospects’ needs are as diverse as your industry and individual services. You need a website capable of reflecting this variety and impressing upon the public why you’re the best company for the job. Do-it-yourself sites can certainly offer these elements while being simple to set up and update whenever you want.

Regardless of the type of contracting expertise you offer, our DIY sites can help make sure prospects know your services outshine the competition. Let client reviews highlight your dedication, proficiency and flexibility. Showcase local projects you’ve completed and provide explanations of the work involved in them. Tie those details into the level of skill you provide that prospects can’t get from other contractors in the area.

Each new development for your company is a chance to further promote its strengths, generate a steady influx of fresh content and maintain visibility. With our DIY system, you can take immediate advantage of these opportunities.

Don’t Want to Take the DIY Route?

Building a website isn’t an option for all contractors; after all, if you’re busy running your company and making clients happy, there may be little time left for marketing, advertising and site design. Our highly skilled and experienced team offers professional custom website building services as well. We’ll create a color scheme tailored to your logo and company image, add in your written and visual content, design your photo gallery and give you a unique website ready to bring in leads.

If you choose to let us build your website, we’ll design a unique rotating banner for your home page and program your “contact us” page. On top of that, you’ll get the same versatile, user-friendly features of our DIY system along with the freedom to make changes as you see fit. You’ll still be able to add new images and information, display your latest projects and carry out other updates whenever the need arises.

Build a Website that Works for You

Home and business owners have very specific needs and expectations when it comes to finding a contractor for their construction, remodeling and property improvement projects. They want quality, skill, experience and dedication to satisfaction among other universal factors. Still, many of the aspects clients want vary with each specialty in the industry.

Prospects may be most interested in safety measures and certifications during their searches for electrical and sanitation system contractors. Material selection and design options might take higher priority for those looking for new kitchen cabinets or swimming pool installation. Employee training, background checks and management tend to be more important for construction zone setup or landscaping.

All that being said, if your website doesn’t catch and hold their attention right off the bat, they won’t stick around to learn more about your company. If the site isn’t easy to use and understand, they’ll most likely turn to the competition.

With our simple, affordable websites for contractors, you can highlight your best features and make sure prospects find what they’re looking for. Show them what sets you apart in your field and emphasize the reasons they should choose you over the competition.


Kitchen Vision is an add-on to your website. Blow your competitors away with this amazing kitchen visualizer.

Your clients will love it!

Kitchen Vision | Kitchen design tool online for contractors |


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