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The Solar Power industry is exploding and there are thousands of new clients a day looking for good websites for solar power contractors. If you don’t have a nice website for your solar power company, you are missing the chance of potential clients finding your company. All top solar power contractors invest in their company but building a great website to showcase their work, pricing and services. Let us help you get your company listed on Google today!

What's included in my FREE WEBSITE?

You get a Beautiful website and it includes the following pages:

  • Home page
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page

The above is for the starter (3) page website. Upon choosing a larger website you will receive additional pages such as services pages, project showcase pages and/or landing pages depending on the size of the site you choose.

Do I have to supply all the content?
There are two ways for us to build your website:
  1. WE SUPPLY EVERYTHING - We can build your site, and furnish all the contact (text & photos) for you. We have a huge library of royality free images.
  2. YOU SUPPLY EVERYTHING - If you have nice high-quality images, and text for all areas, Great! We will create a Drop Box for you to simply upload to. Its as easy as Drag-and-Drop.
Can I get more pages if I need them?
Most contractors like starting with only 5-7  pages. But quickly find out that more pages ads Quality to your site making it rank better on search engines. Not to mention they might want to expand their "Services" page.
Our program is fully scalable and you can expand your website as your company grows, No Problem!
Will you manage my website for me?
Of course, no problem!
We fully manage your website, add content or make changes as you need them. You never have to worry about a thing. We love building Contractor Websites.
Why Choose Us?

We build 100% FREE WEBSITES for Contractors in Orange County CA

Only pay for your monthly services, maintenance, security & updates

Building Websites That Help Solar Power Contractors
Dominate their Local Competition Since 1999



Every Contractor Needs This!

Document jobs - Share photos & videos

Quickly create beautiful  photo galleries

Display project photos on your website


Company Cam - Capture job-site photos and video to share with clients and your team.
100% Money Back Guarantee by ContractorWebsites.com

Money-Back Guarantee!

If we can't make you 100% satisfied with our web design services in the first 30 days we will gladly refund your web design deposit.

DONE 4 YOU WEBSITE SERVICE - We do all the work for you. We design it, build it and launch it on the web for you to start your company branding.

*Web design is defined as designing the home page, layout, theme, colors, and design. Once approved, we will finish the site.

Websites for Solar Power Contractors

Websites for Solar Power Contractors to Increase Business

The use of solar power is becoming more mainstream than ever before. Panels are seen atop commercial buildings and homes and set up in yards and fields to harness renewable energy. Once associated with high costs and major structures like malls and industrial plants, websites for solar power contractors were primarily business-to-business in nature. Customers who wished to have panels included in new construction or added to existing buildings knew exactly what they wanted.

Education Wins Solar Clients

Today, Websites for solar power contractors are two-fold in nature. They must educate targeted audiences as well as promote the business. This is especially true of homeowners who are not well-versed in how solar power connects to the appliances and wiring within the home. The only information most homeowners know is that solar energy is renewable and there are rebates and incentives available for adding it to a home.

Utilizing a DIY website builder for solar power contractors is the ideal way to educate homeowners and establish expertise in the field. This is accomplished by organizing pages to help people understand the costs and the return on the investment (ROI). The new website can be set up as follows.

One focus can be addressing the initial higher costs of solar installation

Another essential point can be explaining how the ROI is better because the savings continues well into the future

Explain the types of solar panels available and how they work

Include a photo gallery that illustrates how stylish panels can be on a home

Highlight reasons the business stands out from the competition

Once browsers understand how systems work, they are more likely to request more information and a free estimate

Why Use a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Website Builder?

The first reason is the ease with which affordable websites for solar power contractors can be created. Templates are original and simply require dragging and clicking. That means the site will not take long to customize and will not look like every other website template on the internet. The one-time set-up fee is low, as are monthly rates of each of three offered plans. Contractors can choose to upgrade plans as the business grows.

Tools are included to improve SEO for websites for solar power contractors. Most companies charge extra fees for search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Another reason is the free listing for every website to ContractorHomePros.com which is a popular internet contractor directory. Sites are formatted to be mobile responsive which is essential these days. People use tablets, laptops, smartphones, and even smart watches much more than they do desktop computers.

Custom Options For Solar Power Contractor Websites

Solar power contractors who have no interest in creating their own websites can opt to have a custom website designed, created, and managed at lower pricing than other companies charge. Compare typical website and service companies for businesses to realize how different and inexpensive these options are for contractors. Whether contractors want a designer to build their websites for solar power contractors or want to build their own, it makes sense to consider the pricing and features of DIY website builder plans and services.



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