The housing industry is currently booming with new homes being bought and sold. Even more homeowners are performing renovations to increase the equity they hold and their overall satisfaction with where they live. As updates and renovations take place, it is important to know what types of remodeling services homeowners are asking for.


Roof Replacement


A good roof protects the interior of the home from the external elements. The roof puts up with a considerable amount of damage throughout the year as it protects the house from weather factors. As a result, it slowly deteriorates over time. Many people are on a 10–20-year cycle of improving and possibly replacing their roof. Coupled with the push for energy efficient living, many homeowners are looking at roof replacement options. A roof with good insulation helps keep the home’s interior temperature steady which will protect it from external elements and be more energy efficient.


Bathroom Remodels


Many homeowners are looking at options for bathroom remodels. Most homeowners do not have the most up to date and modern fixtures in their homes. As they push for that, bathroom remodels are a big part of it. New sinks, light fixtures, flooring, toilets, and showers are very popular right now. The difference a new sink and cabinets can make is astonishing. Upgrading a bathroom will make the space feel more open, clean, and improve efficiency with water pipes and electrical outputs. There is a lot of time spent inside the bathroom, proper lighting and a fresh feel goes a long way in the user’s overall appreciation of the space.


Backyard Patios


In 2020, those working on outdoor spaces saw the biggest increase in demand. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were forced to stay at home. To compromise the loss of closed parks and outdoor activities, they spent even more time outside in their yard. As a direct result, individuals started to look at how they could improve their outdoor experience with backyard patios. A backyard patio is the perfect place to enjoy a cool evening, gatherings, and summer BBQ’s. Expanding the deck, increasing seating, performing landscaping, and even pool installations are very popular right now. Individuals are looking for ways they can expand their indoor living space to the outdoors and a backyard patio is the perfect way to accomplish this.


Kitchen Remodeling


The kitchen is often the centerpiece of the home. Even if it is not right in the center of the home, that is where most of the traffic and gathering takes place. In an effort to increase energy efficiency, stay up to date on current trends, and increase utility, many homeowners are doing kitchen remodels. Because the kitchen typically has the most use, these remodels tend to be more extensive. New cabinetry, lighting, appliances, and flooring are just the beginning. Homeowners that remodeled used their kitchen more than they did before. Following a remodel, homeowners find more utility and satisfaction with the space leading to increased gatherings, healthier meals, and more positive experiences.




After the backyard patio has been upgraded, it is hard not to look around and notice things that could also use an upgrade. Fencing is a popular way of clearly identifying boundaries, setting up a safety perimeter, and contributing to curb appeal. Those with wooden fencing often find the structure unstable, rotten, and most commonly needing a fresh coat of paint. There are other fencing options available that many homeowners opt for. An updated fence protects the family, keeps out unwanted pests, and increases curb appeal.


Exterior Siding


With a fresh fence comes a desire to remodel the exterior of the home. A home’s exterior deteriorates over time and risks the integrity of insulation. Yearly maintenance is required to keep water damage, mold, leaks, and other problems from getting out of control. Changing the siding on a home dramatically improves the home appearance, increases home value, increases energy efficiency, and fixes structural problems before they get worse. Ultimately, a fresh coat of paint or new siding can go a long way in improving how the home is protected and how it looks.




The flooring in a house doesn’t have it easy. Ground surfaces put up with foot traffic, pet claws, spills, things that fall by the wayside, and anything else you can imagine. With so much back and forth, so much dirt and debris, it is a wonder the floor holds up as well as it does. Typically, when a house is bought, at the top of the agenda is replacing the floor. This significantly helps individuals with allergies against previous pet allergens, homes that were smoked in, or any other lingering smells. Regardless, the carpet in a home should be replaced about every 10 years. This lends itself to frequent flooring remodels requested by homeowners.


Interior Painting


A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in how a room feels. Dark colors tend to make a space feel smaller and cozier. Light colors reflect more light and open up the space. For a while, the trend was to have multiple colors of paint throughout the home to give each room a different feel. While paint variety is still popular and is great for accent walls, generally homes are moving to lighter colors that bring in more light and make the space feel bigger than it actually is. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way of completely changing the look and feel of a home’s interior. No wonder that in 2020 34.5 percent of households undertook some type of interior painting remodel.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, time spent at home dramatically increased. This gave homeowners the chance to notice things they wanted to change and fix in their home. It is no surprise that remodel requests are increasing. Keep up with the current demand and understand which remodels homeowners want right now to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your business’s potential for a larger profit.


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