Before you start creating your dream backyard that includes a pool, there are a few things you should consider first. Once you have solved these issues, you will know if a pool is a good option for your home and family.


You may be hoping that a swimming pool will add value to your home, but if it is not maintained regularly, it will lower the value of your home. You need to consider how you will keep it sparkling fresh every day. If leaves and debris accumulate too long, it will damage your filter and pollute the water.  When you plan your landscaping, you should consider the plants near the pool and make sure you are committed to removing the plants from the pool regularly if they are close. It is a big job, so you need to decide in advance if you will take up the task or have the financial means to hire a professional pool cleaning company. This is your best option because professionals will know how to test the chemical balance of the water and keep your pumps and filter running properly.

Safety Features

There are a few ways you can be injured at a pool, so you need to cover all your bases. Pool safety should be your first consideration when you are planning to install a pool in your yard. Not only is it essential for you, but an unsafe pool area will not add value to your home, especially for a family with young children.

One of the most common accidents at poolside is slipping and falling. To avoid this, you need non-slip flooring around the pool and patio. Another major safety feature should be a fence around the pool with a child-proof gate. You can get self-closing gates so that it won’t be accidentally left open. You can also find gates that have alarms. Finally, make sure you have the proper safety equipment on both sides of the pool. This includes throw ropes, rescue tubes and buoys. Lighting is also important for safety. The whole pool area should be well lit at night so that no one can sneak into the pool area without being seen. 

While a backyard swimming pool is great for exercise and recreation, it can pose a major problem if it is not well-maintained and safe. The time to consider safety issues is when you start planning your backyard landscaping to install a pool. Make sure you consider non-slip flooring, safety fencing, and other important safety considerations before adding a pool to your home.

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