Why Contractors Need a Website According to Homeowners!

As a marketing consultant for contractors and a homeowner looking for a contractor, I’m not going to pick up the phone book or go to an online directory. I am searching for the specific contractor I need (general contractor, painter, roofer…) and I’m doing this on the internet, just like most people today looking for a home improvement expert.

As I am clicking on many websites, it’s easy to tell which contractors take pride in their work and which ones don’t. This is the perception that your clients will have, it can’t be argued.

I am your target client that you like to work for.

  • I own a home
  • My house is valued at over $1,000.000.00
  • I have owned this house for 17 years
  • I’m in an area where homes are being remodeled
  • I’m an established professional and have the cash for the project
  • I am ready to hire today!

When I’m ready to find a contractor for my major remodeling project, I’m not opening a phone book or looking in a newspaper or local magazine, I’m looking on the web for local contractors new me. I might take a recommendation from a friend or neighbor, but I will also follow up by searching that contractor on the internet and going to their website to learn as much as I can about them before inviting them in my house for an estimate.

WAIT… WHAT? You don’t have a website?

Many contractors that we work with say “I am busy and don’t need a website”. This is far from the truth. Working with referrals is great as long as they continue to come in. But even referrals are not a guaranteed job and they also expect to find a website for all contractors.

Word-of-mouth referrals without a website (or a website that is very pour and leaves a bad impression with the client) hurts you more than you know. It can kill the deal before you ever have a chance to meet this client.

87% of homeowners find local contractors online.
Stop, go back and read that again. This is something to take very seriously if you are serious about your construction or home improvement company!

It’s a known fact that first impressions are important. Your website will show consumers the following:

  • Who you are (about us page)
  • What your company does (services page)
  • Where you are located, phone, address and how to contact you.
  • Testimonials from past clients (these are extremely important)
  • Photos of past projects. They might see something like they want to have done.

Today, a nicely designed website is your 24/7 calling card. To create a website that will both be pleasing to the consumer and to the search engines is not easy. Anyone (including you) can put pretty pictures on a page and say… Walla!) but that website will never rank in search engines and homeowners have gotten a lot smarter since the internet was born. A consumer looking for your services wants your website to catch their attention and they want to learn something from your site. It needs to please the “person” first and then “Google”.

Google LOVES, LOVES, LOVES good expert content. They love questions answered. They love CONTENT. They don’t care much about pretty pictures.

Below is what you will need to grab the attention of clients searching for your services.

  • A great domain name, your business name if possible (shorter names are more easily remembered).
  • A clean business logo.
  • A clean home page that explains who you are, where you are, and what you do.
  • Clean and attractive layout, this show the client your own work and pride.
  • Clear navigation , potential customers should be able to locate the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently.
  • Additional pages such as services, portfolio, testimonials, company profile, affiliations, about us page, contact us form and product information.
  • Contact information on all pages (this is called a landing page)
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization strategy. This is something you and most people can’t do properly. This is very important. It’s also called on-page SEO.
  • Links to your social media accounts (optional)


How do you find a qualified web designer?

This is the easy part. Simply get on your computer and go to www.ContractorWebsites.com. We are a full-service website design and marketing firm that only works with Contractors and Construction companies.


Here is a shortlist of questions we will answer with your FREE consultation:

  • How long will it take to build my website?
  • What does it cost for a website and for the SEO work to get me ranked?
  • What are monthly hosting fees, maintenance, and email?
  • How many changes do I get during the design phase?
  • How will the content be created? Do I supply it, or do you? Can I supply it and then you change it as needed for the SEO?
  • Will I have access to make changes to the site?
  • Will you explain to me about what it would take and how much money to get my website ranked once done?
  • What will my site look like on different devices? Our designs allow your website to look good on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Also, we will be asking you a lot of questions (most are easy to answer). The better we understand what you do, where you do it and who you are targeting for customers, then the better your website will perform as we will design our SEO strategy around your goals.