Word of mouth is one of the greatest assets that you can put to work on behalf of your contractor business. You can pair that with the power of Google to provide a boost to your company. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding Google reviews to your contractor website.

It Helps Your SEO

While you may think that setting up a website means that your business will be found, the truth is that your website must be made visible. SEO is the way that you make your website visible to customers. Google’s algorithms will factor in various things when deciding where your website shows up in searches. Customer reviews are something that Google likes. They are proof that your website and content are being interacted with and Google will think that is a measure of high quality. The more people talking about your website, the more Google’s eyes will be on it.

People Trust Google Reviews

Google lends additional credibility to the quality of reviews. Google’s name associated with a review means that people will listen even more. The highest score people will trust is somewhere right around four stars. The difference between three stars and five stars will have a big impact. Consistent three-star ratings will show that many customers walked away from your business with at least some issues. If your business does good work and people recognize it on Google, then you will have a leg-up in finding new customers.

Transparency is Always Best

When you allow reviews to be posted, it lets the customers see the good and the bad. They get a sense of what it is truly like to deal with your business. When you let your customers’ voices be heard, it shows that you are fully willing to let the customers speak the truth about your business. Potential clients will look upon that as your business being honest and not simply trying to portray itself as the best at what it does. If the communication from your business is only one-sided, then it may be trusted a little less.

People Want to Hear from Actual Customers

Any company is going to tell you how good it is. What people want to hear is the experience of people who have used your service. No matter how many years you have been in business, people will not take your word for the quality of your services. When they see actual customers speaking, they will know that these reviews cannot be faked. Some companies like to paraphrase reviews on their website, but that takes away from the authenticity of the review.

It Creates a Sense of Community

Giving a prominent voice to your customers empowers them. At the same time, it lets people see the people who keep you in business. When you give a voice to your customers, it allows them to feel as if they are a part of your business. This will actually serve to increase customer loyalty. Finally, giving a prominent space to reviews gives your business a human touch. When there is a community of people who are voicing their opinion, it gives your customers the feeling that they have a personal stake in your business. This will make them more likely to patronize you in the future or to recommend your business to others.

There are many different benefits of adding Google reviews to your page. As long as your business does predominantly good work, it will serve to benefit your business. Keep the above tips in mind as you work to expand your company.
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